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GMT Releasing, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, licensed the logo, GMT, from the GMT Studios located in Culver City. GMT Releasing, GMT Studios, GMT World Network and other GMT entities are owned separately however. The owners collaborate with each other on "products and marketing these products". The GMT Studios logo, a film and television stage and equipment rental company, lends credibility and integrity for GMT Releasing. GMT Releasing is in the business of marketing planning, promotion and distribution of theatrical feature movies, documentaries, made for television movies and studio direct release over the Internet worldwide. Producers are waiting for great marketing, distribution and profits and the audience is waiting for Great Movies and Television.

Strategic Positioning

GMT Releasing to operate the day-to-day distribution company on a budget for the purpose of perpetuating the distribution operation and returning excess pre-tax profits to Investors and each distributed Film’s LLC. Each film is a stand-alone accounting, no cross-collateralization, which minimizes any loss and enhances profitability. Each selected film for distribution will be funded for marketing and promotion by the Film LLC or directly to GMT Releasing from other capital sources. GMT Releasing does not directly fund a film’s distribution expense nor provide negative pick-up. The Producers provide the distribution capital, have on-line access to accounting of the film and share in distribution profits.

This strategic intent, ‘participants know everything’, which benefited greatly from industry comments and suggestions, is our roadmap for the next ten years. It will enable us to become a more effective organization in fulfilling our paramount mission: select award winning movies, providing integrity in accounting of movie revenues and participant’s payouts. Its central theme is integration—operating as a team within marketing, distribution and production entities. Our common culture will be selecting the right screenplays, produce award winning products, develop film-specific marketing plans, create innovative distribution promotions and practice accounting integrity for all net-participants.

This intent is fully consistent with the GMT Releasing distribution strategy, which call for movie productions and distribution processes to become “more unified, coordinated and effective .”

As we better integrate our core capabilities, and as we take steps to strengthen those capabilities, we will meet the demands placed on us by the challenging strategic environment that our entities face.

As we meet our strategic goals, we will be true to our core values: God First, Excellence in Production and Marketing and Practice Integrity in Accounting. They are the constants that reflect the best of our unique history and accomplishments. These are the values that have served us well and will guide us as we embark on making our strategic intent a reality.

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