The Era of Connecting --- Producers, Exhibitors, Audiences

No lasting achievement is possible without a vision, and no dream can become real without action and responsibility---William Butler Yeats

For more than 25 years, the founders of GMT have been consistent with their vision, mission and loyalty to one another. We’ve found that connecting is better. Connecting with many producers, industry experts and involving the audience, as well, for their support. Connection seeks complementary partnerships and long-term support. As Dr. Joel Hunter says, “in this era of connecting, connection realizes the purpose of our relationships with others and it’s a way of giving to others to elevate who we are. What we do with others will increase our impact and how we connect with others will complete us.” In these endeavors, our ultimate connection is with the audience and their satisfaction of our products.

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Bill Barber, Principal and Co-founder of GMT Releasing

Barber was with United Artists Theatres for 15 years and served as director of Advertising and Publicity and later as Vice President and General Manager of Operations. He was with MGM Pictures as booker and film salesman and with World Wide Pictures as coordinator during several of their four-wall releases. Read more about the President of GMTReleasing.

John Germaine, Principal and Co-Founder of GMT Releasing

Mr. Germaine has extensive executive corporate experience. He has served as a strategic marketing specialist to GMT Studios since 1987 and has contributed to the continued growth. Mr. Germaine worked as an Associate Producer on "James Dean American Legend" and is developing innovative marketing plans and licensing programs for the upcoming feature film. Mr. Germaine is an integral part of the company's strategic positioning and is the fiduciary liaison between film production, distribution revenues and investors.

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