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GMT Releasing will consider viewing your "partially completed" or "completed movie or documentary". We do not accept screenplays, suggestions, or any creative materials or ideas. We do not fund movie productions or distribution. [See disclosure] If the movie is of interest you will be contacted to meet with the President of GMTR for further discussions.

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Disclosure: It is GMT Releasing’s policy not to accept or consider screenplays, treatments, suggestions, concepts, creative materials, any formats of DVD or VHS or ideas other than those that are already partially filmed for viewing or completed and have proof of chain of title. Therefore we request that you do not send to us any materials of any kind such as stories. screenplays, artwork, titles, etc. Any materials or communications sent electronically or by other means will be handled as non-proprietary and as non-confidential. Anything that is transmitted or delivered by any means may be used by GMT Releasing or its affiliates for any purpose. Furthermore, GMT Releasing is free to use techniques, know-how, concepts, any ideas contained in any communication you send for any purpose whatsoever including, but not limited to, marketing products, manufacturing, production, developing using such information.

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